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About Us


Just a Couple of Mamas

Stephanie & Amanda

A sisterhood, a friendship, a partnership.
Stephanie and Amanda have been in each others lives for over
ten years and counting growing together, building families,
and venturing into the great unknown we all know as life.

The Savage Mama brand is something that comes from
the everyday quirks and perks of being a woman in
society today. It's about bringing a community of all women
together through sarcasm, hard truths, and closet drinking.
If your not a mom thats okay; were not a 'mom brand'.
If tiny humans aren't your thing, that's okay too; as
women we're not here to judge, were here to
empower one another!
So pour yourself a glass of wine, get cozy on your
couch, and go shopping.

Mom shame ain't our game;
Treat Yourself and thank us later.